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(329d) Robust Multi-Parametric Model-Based Control


Pistikopoulos, E. N. - Presenter, Imperial College London, Centre for Process Systems Engineering
Kouramas, K. - Presenter, Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, Imperial College London
Faísca, N. P. - Presenter, Imperial College London

In this work we present the fundamental theoretical developments for a unified and general framework for the design of Robust Multi-Parametric Controllers (Pistikopoulos et al. 2007ab, ParOS 2007). Given a dynamic system with model uncertainties both in the right and left hand-sides (of constraints of the underlying uncertain optimisation problem), the proposed framework is realised in three steps:

1.robust reformulation of the constraints: the state/output and input constraints are reformulated to account for the worst-case model uncertainty (Ben-Tal and Nemirovski, 2001, Lim et al., 2004).

2.dynamic programming: the uncertain optimisation problem is reformulated with a dynamic programming multi-stage setting (Bellman, 2003, Faísca et al., 2008).

3.multi-parametric programming: each of the stages of the DP problem are solved as multi-parametric programming problems and the control input is obtained as an explicit function of the incumbent state (Pistikopoulos et al, 2007ab).

The above framework can guarantee the design of multi-parametric MPC (mp-MPC) controllers that can ensure constraints satisfaction for all admissible uncertainties as opposed to the previous non-robust mp-MPC design techniques (Sakizlis et al., 2004). The results are demonstrated with examples that illustrate the proposed framework.


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