(315d) Engineering Biphasic Ionic Liquid/CO2 Systems for Homogeneous Catalysis | AIChE

(315d) Engineering Biphasic Ionic Liquid/CO2 Systems for Homogeneous Catalysis


Ahosseini, A. - Presenter, University of Kansas
Ren, W. - Presenter, University of Kansas
Scurto, A. M. - Presenter, University of Kansas Chemical and Petroleum Engineering & Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis

A biphasic ionic liquid and compressed carbon dioxide system has a number of advantages for efficient homogeneous catalysis. For reactions that were limited by mass transfer, the presence of CO2 increased the apparent reaction rate. However, in well agitated systems and at constant moles of 1-octene, adding the pressure of CO2 reduced the apparent reaction rate. Detailed phase equilibrium studies were conducted to determine volume expansion of the IL phase with CCO2 and the phase behavior and mixture critical points between the reactants/product and CO2 that ultimately affect the concentration of the reactant. With an appropriate understanding of kinetics, mass transfer and phase equilibria these biphasic IL/CO2 reaction systems can properly be understood and engineered. This presentation will illustrate the inclusive effect of CO2 on Rh-catalyzed hydrogenation and hydroformylation of 1-octene in a biphasic ionic liquid/CO2 system.