(289d) Kinetic and Spectroscopic Investigation of the Water-Gas Shift Reaction on Supported Pt Catalysts

Ratts, J. L., Purdue University
Bollmann, L., Purdue University
Williams, W. D., Purdue University
Pazmino, J., Purdue University
Smeltz, A., Purdue University
Delgass, W. N., Purdue University
Ribeiro, F. H., Purdue University

A kinetic analysis was completed on supported Pt catalysts for the water-gas shift (WGS) reaction under typical fuel processing conditions. It was found that the turnover rate (TOR) of the WGS reaction at 300°C (6.8% CO, 22% H2O, 8.5% CO2, 37.3% H2, and balance Argon) was affected by the support and followed the order SiO2-Al2O3 (1 x 10-3 s-1) Al2O3 (~92%) > CeO2 (~87%) > SiO2 (~85%) > TiO2 (~69%). These coverages as well as the normalized formate surface concentration did not track the changes in the TOR and no significant trends were observed in the measured reaction orders. Our results suggest that the formates are spectator species. At this time, we believe that alumina and silica have a deleterious effect on the rate.