(213d) Mass Transfer Performance of Packed Beds Containing a Modular Catalytic Structured Packing: Model Vs. Experiment

Behrens, M. - Presenter, Air Products Management S.A./N.V.

A comparative experimental study has been carried out to establish the hydraulic behaviour of a new modular catalytic packing (Sulzer's Katapak®-SP 12) and the hybrid packed bed consisting of a catalytic packing section placed in between two sections comprising elements of a high capacity structured packing (MellapakPlus 752.Y). Total reflux distillation experiments were carried out at atmospheric pressure using a packed column with an internal diameter of 0.45 m. As expected, the pressure drop of combined bed were in between those measured for beds consisting purely of the catalytic and structured packings. However, unlike the two reference beds the combined bed exhibited a clear upper gas load limit due to a pronounced liquid build-up at the transition from the structured packing to the top element of catalytic packing section. Also it appeared that the Delft model, with appropriate packing geometry modifications is capable of predicting reliably the preloading region pressure drop and efficiency of a hybrid packed bed containing Katapak-SP.