(189ai) Supported Gold Nano-Catalysts by Spray Synthesis and Solution Route. A Comparative Study

Chopra, S., University of Cincinnati
van Bokhoven, J., ETH Zurich
Beaucage, G., University of Cincinnati
Singh, J., ETH Zurich

Supported gold nanoparticles have been shown to catalyze oxidation of CO to CO2 at room temperature as well as at higher temperatures. For the most part these supported nanoparticles have been produced using solution routes. In this study we compare solution and spray flame synthesis of support gold catalysts using titania, alumina, zirconia and iron oxide supports. Comparison will be made of the nano-structure using SAXS and TEM as well as the molecular structure using XAFS. Anomalous SAXS is used to distinguish between the ceramic supports nano-structure and the nanostructure of the supported gold particles. The temperature dependence of catalyst efficiency and specificity will be presented.

Supported by the US NSF through International Research and Education in Engineering (IREE) and CBET 0626063 grants as well as by the Swiss NSF.