(189ae) Development of An Automatic Fluidization Rig | AIChE

(189ae) Development of An Automatic Fluidization Rig


Dyrøy, A. - Presenter, Hydro Aluminium Metal
Karlsen, M. - Presenter, Hydro Aluminium Metal

A fluidization rig was built in order to provide basic data required by the Hydro Aluminum metal. The rig is made of a stainless steel column, with an internal diameter of 250 mm and 1000 mm in height. Four pressure gauges were mounted to the rig; they were installed from the bottom of the column, with a 200 mm in increment along a generator. In addition, two loads cells were installed diametrically opposite to the pressure gauges, one on the level of lowest gauge, another on the level of highest gauge. An auto control system was developed to introduce a pressurized to fluidize Aluminum powders filled in the rig; a data logging unit were also implemented in the system register in line the signals measured by the pressure gauges and loads cells with NI-Labview platform. The parameters for minimum velocity, the expansion of bed and the de-aeration time etc. were given with a series runs of measurement. Comparisons were also made between results measured with gauges and the loads cells. The properties changes of aluminium powders from a packing stage to a fluidised stage were assessed.