(149b) Phase Transfer in a Droplet-Solid Sphere Collision

Wang, D., New Jersey Institute of Technology
Zhu, C., New Jersey Institute of Technology
Shen, Z., New Jersey Institute of Technology

The hydrodynamics of a liquid droplet in motion impinge with a particle are of direct relevance to many engineering problems. In recent years, the phase transfer mechanism of droplet-solid phase collisions has grown in importance in industrial operations. Many power and petrochemical industries need detailed knowledge of the fundamental physical phenomena employed droplet impact on solid surface with limited surface size. However, very limited studies are available on the droplets hitting on surfaces with finite dimensions, which are comparable to the sizes of the droplets.

This work illustrates the phenomena of impact of a droplet on the solid ball or balls both experimentally and theoretically. Measurements were performed using a high precision pipette and electronic scale, yielding both qualitative and quantitative information about the droplet-solid phase collisions. These experimental results are compared with modeling. Effects of the droplet size, velocity and the off-centre condition on the outcome of the collision are analyzed. Also, the geometry curvature and bridge effect of two and three balls are illustrated. The collision with heat transfer has been investigated.


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