(128f) Studies on Momentum Transfer with Coaxially Placed Disc as Turbulence Promoter in Tubes | AIChE

(128f) Studies on Momentum Transfer with Coaxially Placed Disc as Turbulence Promoter in Tubes


Rajendra Prasad, P. - Presenter, Andhra Universirty
Mohan, V. M. - Presenter, Andhra Universirty
V, S. - Presenter, Andhra Universirty
S, S. R. - Presenter, Andhra Universirty
Rusumdar, A. - Presenter, Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
C, S. K. - Presenter, RRS College of Engineering and Technology

Studies on momentum transfer with coaxially placed disc as turbulence promoter in tubes have been presented in this paper. The electrolyte is equimolal Potassium ferricyanide, Potassium Ferro cyanide and excess sodium hydroxide. The friction correlation is based on law of the wall similarity. The variables covered in this study are the flow rate of the electrolyte, the geometric parameters of the promoter ? disc diameter from 0.02 m to 0.04m, height of the disc from 0 to 0.50 m, Reynolds number varies from 1200 to 12,500. The friction factor due to presence of the disc is significant in the fully developed turbulent region and it is 2 to 12 folds over the smooth tube flow. The friction factor decreases with increase in Reynolds number. The friction factor increases with increasing disc diameter. The friction factor increases to a maximum and then decreases with increasing height of the disc. A model was developed for momentum transfer function in terms of geometric parameters and presented.


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