(655c) Biomass and MSW to Liquid Fuels and Chemicals Via Gasification

Phillips, B., Emery Energy

Emery Energy Company is actively engaged in the design and development of an integrated thermochemical platform for converting biomass and MSW-derived feedstocks into liquid fuels and chemicals. This development effort is currently focused on the design of on both a 250 ton/day (solid feedstock) gasification system and a 500 ton/day gasification system with all the downstream systems necessary for syngas cleaning and conditioning. The resulting clean syngas will be capable of being fed directly to a catalysis plant at the proper H2:CO ratios required for liquid fuel production. As part of this effort, Emery is evaluating the variables that will affect the syngas cleaning and conditioning as a function of the feedstock inputs and the downstream catalysis process requirements. The downstream catalysis processes considered include: mixed alcohols (with emphasis on ethanol); Fischer Tropsch liquids; and methanol to DME. Each product option will affect the final gasifier configuration and the extent of post gasification conditioning equipment. These preliminary scales represent an initial deployment size that will be followed by subsequent scaling toward 1000 and 3000 ton/day systems.