(599b) Electrospun Nanofibers Of Enzymatically-Modified Polysaccharide For Drug Delivery | AIChE

(599b) Electrospun Nanofibers Of Enzymatically-Modified Polysaccharide For Drug Delivery


Chu, H. M. A. - Presenter, North Carolina State University
Pourdeyhimi, B. - Presenter, North Carolina State University

In this study, we focus on developing novel functional nanofibers of natural polysaccharides, particularly guar galactomannan, for applications as vehicles for drug delivery. The nanofibers are to be produced via electrospinning. The distinct feature of our approach lies in combining the inherent advantages of electrospun nanofibers with that of guar, which can be enzymatically modified to tailor its properties. Despite guar's desirable properties in terms of being biodegradable, natural and FDA approved, efforts to electrospun it have failed to date. In this work, we have been able to electrospin nanofibers by blending native guar with degraded guar. The resulting nanofibers are characterized using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Steady state rheological experiments are performed to determine the effect of polymer solution viscosity on the properties of the electrospun nanofibers. SEM micrographs indicate that neither native nor the degraded guar electrospun in any concentration or under any combination of operational parameters. However, when solutions of native guar were blended with solutions of degraded guar, the resulting solution produced electrospun nanofibers. We have also been able to successfully incorporate a model drug (Rhodamine B) into the guar nanofibers without affecting the morphology of the nanofiber network. The effects of combining native guar with different extents of enzymatically hydrolyzed guar on electrospinnability as well as drug incorporation will be presented, as well as the concomitant drug release.