(335m) Multiflash: A Cape Open 1.1 Thermodynamics Package With Multiphase Capabilities

Edmonds, B., Infochem Computer Services Ltd
Moorwood, T., Infochem Computer Services Ltd

The Multiflash physical property package has been developed over many years as a tool for the oil and chemical industries. It can model multiphase equilibria involving fluid and solid phases and the full range of thermodynamic and transport properties required to support process development and simulation. It is necessary to support a wide range of interfaces in order to make a package like Multiflash convenient to use. In addition to a GUI we have provided interfaces to general-purpose tools such as Excel and Matlab. Standard programming interfaces such as Win32 are also supported but in the past it has been necessary to provide a large number of proprietary interfaces to specialist engineering applications. The CAPE-OPEN initiative has offered the possibility of using a standards-based non-proprietary interface to support any client application that requires physical properties.

In this poster presentation we will describe how Multiflash has been extended to support the CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics and Physical Properties specifications both in the original 1.0 version and in the much-expanded 1.1 version. In particular version 1.1 allows the full multiple phase capabilities of a physical properties package to be used. We will demonstrate how a CAPE-OPEN physical property package is configured in Multiflash and how it can be used in different engineering applications. Examples include simulation of mercury dropout in gas processing, wax deposition in pipelines and hydrate formation.