(31a) Steady State Multiplicity In Biological Reactors | AIChE

(31a) Steady State Multiplicity In Biological Reactors


Ramkrishna, D. - Presenter, Purdue University
Kim, J. I. - Presenter, Purdue University

Regulatory processes in mixed substrate, microbial systems lead to multiple substrate uptake patterns in batch reactors. When multiple substrate feeds are employed in continuous reactors, the above multiple uptake patterns can lead to steady state multiplicities. We discuss the evolution of cybernetic models due to Ramkrishna and coworkers over the past several years in describing such multiple uptake patterns in batch reactors, and steady state multiplicities in continuous reactors with regard to experimental evidence for the same.

The significance of such multiplicity behavior to industrial applications as well as fundamental implications to bioinformatics will be discussed in this presentation.