(293f) Cfd Modeling Of A Candle Filter Vessel: Ash Bridging Effects

Mazaheri, A. R. - Presenter, Clarkson University
Ahmadi, G. - Presenter, Clarkson University

Pilot power plants such as Pressurized fluidized-bed combustion (PFBC) and integrated coal gasification combined cycles use hot gases from coal to drive a gas turbine. Candle filters are used to remove hot-gas particulates that erode and corrode gas turbine blades. The Reynolds stress turbulence model of FLUENT was used to model the gas flow behavior inside the filter vessel. Particle equations of motions are employed, transport and deposition of the micron-size aerosols are studied. Computational results predict that ash bridging leads to a non-uniform temperature distribution along the ceramic candle filters in the bridging region. The analyses of ash bridging deposition on the internal surfaces of the filter show that the absence of ash bridging tends to promote the deposition of particle of 10 ìm on the surfaces.