(293a) Computer Program for Filter Media Design Optimization

Chase, G. G. - Presenter, The University of Akron
Dharmanolla, S. - Presenter, The University of Akron

This paper presents a computational approach for designing, mixed fiber filter media for depth filtration. The goal is to find an optimum solution, given the range, for a set of design parameters: thickness of the media, diameter of microfiber, and diameter of nanofiber, surface area ratio of nanofiber to microfiber and mass of microfiber. The objective of this work is to develop a software program that can be used as an aid to accelerate filter design and reduce the number of laboratory experiments. This program applies a Genetic Algorithm to search for an optimum filter media design based on Quality Factor which quantifies the filter performance. A user friendly computer program is developed that provides inputs, outputs and controls to design a filter media. The program provides a starting point for constructing filter media for testing and design for particular applications.


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