(177d) Application of Integrated Models for Industrial Processes

Thompson, L. H., The Dow Chemical Company
Jimenez, J., The Dow Chemical Company
Gillis, P., Dow Chemical Company
Lengyel, I., The Dow Chemical Company

In celebration of Dr. L. K. Doraiswamy's 50+ years of contributions to Reaction Engineering, we chose a topic which he discusses in his Chemical Engineering Education editorial, ?Whither Chemical Engineering Research,? delineating the remarkable power obtained for process scale-up via the integration of engineering sciences such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with chemical reaction engineering.

We will illustrate the power of this integration through industrial examples which deal with complex reaction networks and reactive flow situations. Reaction Engineering is coupled with computational fluid dynamics (CFD), quantum chemistry and experimental design to elucidate the mechanisms of complex process phenomena in highly non-ideal systems.