Gas Phase Synthesis of Particles | AIChE

Gas Phase Synthesis of Particles



Wegner, K., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

This session focuses on gas phase routes for material synthesis. High temperature processes such as combustion, plasma and laser based processes, CVD, PVD, and spray pyrolysis are of particular interest due to their potential application in the advanced materials industry. The effect of synthesis conditions on particle size distribution, chemical and crystal phase composition, purity, structure and shape is the emphasis of this session. Ideally, the connection between synthesis conditions, particle characteristics and their functionality in specific applications (e.g., catalytic, electronic and structural) is to be discussed. Techniques for in-situ sampling and characterization can be covered. Discussion on the potential for scale up of the production process and the challenges involved therein is also sought. Fabrication of novel nano-materials such as non-agglomerated nanoparticles, composite particles, quantum dots, semiconductors, catalysts, phosphors and thin films are of interest, as well.



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