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Desalination Processes - II

Water resources cannot, as they have in the past, be forever expanded to accommodate ever-growing consumption. In the last 70 years, world population has tripled while per capita consumption has doubled, resulting in a 600% increase in total demand. For industrial, municipal, and agricultural water users alike, the growing strain on water resources has been accompanied by rising costs for fresh water, wastewater treatment, pollution mitigation, and storm water discharge. There is also a greater risk of disruption to supply, fiercer stakeholder disputes, and stricter government regulation. The increasing scarcity of water coupled with escalating cost of fresh water and its treatment has prompted industry to think of water conservation, reuse, and recycling. Incorporating advanced technologies such as membranes, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, hybrid desalination systems, brine concentration, along with advanced disinfection would result in reclamation and reuse of water and less environmental damage. This session invites contributions from industry, local government, and academia or collaborations that dealwith advanced research as well as case studies of successful applications of innovative technology and methodology in water reclamation and reuse.



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