(71b) Adsorption and Reaction of Voc and Ozone on Usy Zeolite | AIChE

(71b) Adsorption and Reaction of Voc and Ozone on Usy Zeolite


Sakoda, A. - Presenter, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo
Fujita, H. - Presenter, University of Tokyo

We have developed a novel process for removing volatile organic carbon (VOC) from industrial exhaust gas by co-adsorption of VOC and ozone onto USY zeolite. In this process, both ozone and VOC are adsorbed onto USY and highly concentrated, resulting in much quicker oxidation of VOC as compared to gas phase ozonation. The treated gas becomes VOC-free because VOC is converted partially into CO2 and mainly into byproducts remaining in USY due to their strong affinity to USY. This process needs the operation of heat regeneration of USY because the byproducts are gradually accumulated in USY, resulting in significant reduction of reaction activity and adsorption site. It was known by experiments that the regeneration interval is much longer than that of simple adsorption of VOC and the heat regeneration can completely remove the byproducts very quickly. These facts mean that compact and reasonable price processes are developed. Also, a mathematical model successfully described the above-mentioned phenomena.