(696c) Large-Volume Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing of Organic Electronic Devices

Berggren, M. - Presenter, Linköping University

Printed Organic Electronics has been the goal of an entire research field for over ten years. It is finally becoming reality in several forms, such as ink-jet printed LED displays and field-effect transistors. In Norrköping, Sweden, Linköping University and the Acreo Institute have developed a roll-to-roll roto-screen process for printing systems of electrochemical devices on paper and plastic substrates. The system employs both additive and subtractive patterning to make a complete lateral device in three simple steps (conducting layers, electrolyte interconnect and encapsulation). The resulting devices are very inexpensive (less than $1 per letter-sized page) and offer unique possibilities for use as interactive labels on packages or extremely energy-efficient indicators for other electronic devices. The next generation of components, including internal printed electrochemical energy storage, is already being designed, although there are several challenges with transferring the laboratory process to high-volume production.