(630e) High-Performance, Microscale Field-Effect Transistors for the Probing of Charge Transport in Molecular Crystals

Reese, C. C. - Presenter, Stanford University
Okamoto, T. - Presenter, Stanford University
Chung, W. - Presenter, Stanford University
Bao, Z. - Presenter, Stanford University

The promise of organic semiconductors for use in new and existing electronic devices has born the exploration of the underlying transport mechanisms in such materials. Organic molecular crystals offer a unique way to investigate charge transport as a function of molecular properties and arrangement. In this work, novel field-effect transistor architectures have been employed to probe the anisotropy of key performance metrics of single crystals of high-performance organic semiconductors. An elastomer dielectric allows conformal contact to the fragile single crystal, yet is durable enough to allow fabrication using conventional optical lithography. This scheme offers the advantages of each design strategy: contact to the crystal is good due to the wetting properties of the elastomer, and small-featured, complex patterns may be employed to thoroughly probe the crystal transport properties and device physics. As opposed to other published methods, these novel designs also allow multi-faceted probing without the movement of the fragile single crystal.


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