(611d) Cost Effective High Value-Added Chemical Extraction from Lignin with Gas Expanded Liquids

Draucker, L. C., Georgia Tech
Hallett, J. P., Georgia Institute of Technology
Kitchens, C. L., Clemson University
Bush, D., Georgia Tech
Ragauskas, A. J., School of Chemistry & Biochemistry

We have developed a novel process to yield high value-added products from renewable resources using CO2-expanded organic solvents (gas-expanded liquids). Modest pressures of carbon dioxide were added to a solution of lignin in an organic solvent. Dissolution of CO2 into this mixture reduces the polarity and induces precipitation of high molecular weight lignin components along with high value added chemicals such as vanillin and syringaldehyde, that can be further extracted to provide profit for the pulp and paper industry. These results provide a preliminary concept for a new processing technique that promotes both sustainable technology and the importance of converting renewable biomass to valuable products.