(528e) Mesoporous Carbon Nanocapsules from Enzymatically Polymerized Polyphenols Confined in Silica Aerosol Particles

Zheng, T., Tulane University
Zhan, J., Tulane University
Pang, J., University of New Mexico
Tan, G., Tulane University
He, J., Tulane University
McPherson, G. L., Tulane University
Lu, Y., University of California, Los Angeles
John, V. T., Tulane University

We describe a simple and efficient approach to synthesize mesoporous carbon nanocapsules using an environmentally benign biocatalyzed carbon precursor. Enzymatically polymerized poly(4-ethylphenol) has been encapsulated in silica particles through an aerosol-assisted process. Carbonization of the polymer silica nanocomposite leads to a silica carbon nanocapsule composite. The subsequent removal of silica by dilute HF results in mesoporous carbon nanocapsules with a hollow core and a porous shell as revealed by TEM and SEM. The obtained nanocapsules show extremely high BET surface areas with well defined pore size distributions.