(524e) Fabrication of Novel Nanostructures Using Ordered Porous Templates | AIChE

(524e) Fabrication of Novel Nanostructures Using Ordered Porous Templates


Srivastava, D. - Presenter, Michigan State University
Lee, I. - Presenter, Michigan State University

Convenient methods for the fabrication of complex nanostructures are emerging in the growing field of nanotechnology for novel optical, electrical, magnetic, and also biological functions. Here we report a simple and effective method to produce various kinds of nanostructured particles like nanorice and nanospears (i.e., tapered nanorods) using alumina membrane as templates. The nanocylindrical pores of anodized alumina membranes are filled with spherical polymer nanoparticles by a solvent assisted nano-injection. Then the membranes are heated in an oven above the glass transition temperature of the polymer. Due to the non-uniform heating, non-equilibrium capillary forces, and the wetting property of the polymer nanospheres confined in the nanocylinders, the spherical nanoparticles coalesce to form both aspect ratio and end-shape controlled nanorods which are shaped in the forms of nanorice, nanospears or tapered nanorods.