(496g) Direct Printing of Three-Dimensional and Curvilinear Micro-Architectures into Solid Substrates with Submicron Resolution

Grzybowski, B. A., Northwestern University
Campbell, C. J., Northwestern University
Smoukov, S. K., North Carolina State University
Bishop, K. J. M., Penn State University
Baker, E., Northwestern University

Micropatterned hydrogel stamps carrying an etchant solution are used to microstructure glass and silicon with complex architectures. A two-way reaction-diffusion mechanism enhanced by osmotic pressure gradients within the stamp enables printing of entire microdevices into solid substrates with resolution down to ~ 300 nm. The technique is applicable to other materials (e.g., ITO and GaAs) for which chemical etchants are known. In this talk, we describe printing a herringbone micromixer in one step in glass, as well as a novel, multilevel gradient diffuser printed in glass.