(476y) Selective Positional Isomerization of Butene-2 over Mesoporous Silicates | AIChE

(476y) Selective Positional Isomerization of Butene-2 over Mesoporous Silicates


Lee, H. - Presenter, Kongju National University
Yim, J. - Presenter, Kongju National University
Park, Y. K. - Presenter, University of Seoul
Kim, Y. S. - Presenter, SK Corporation

Because butene-1 is used as a monomer for the production of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and polybutene, the worldwide demand of butene-1 is gradually increasing. It is necessary to convert butene-2 among C4 raffinate in petrochemical plant and refinery to butene-1 valuable component. It is necessary to produce butene-1 selectively in butene-2 isomerization, because the byproducts such as iso-butene, octenes, and propylene can be produced through skeletal isomerization, oligomerization, and cracking, respectively. In order to increase the selectivity to butene-1 in butene-2 isomerization, mesoporous silicates were adapted as catalysts in this study. The yield of butene-1 over MCM-41, Al-MCM-41, and MCM-48 was higher than that over alumina-based catalysts. The activity and selectivity over mesoporous silicates in butene-2 hydrogenation were correlated the acidity of the catalysts through ammonia-temperature programmed desorption (TPD) and pyridine FT-IR.