(443f) X-Ray Microtomography: a Useful Method to Study the Dynamics of Organic and Water Vapours Adsorption on Carbon Filters

Crine, M. - Presenter, University of Liège
Léonard, A. - Presenter, University of Liège
Blacher, S. - Presenter, University of Liège
Lodewyckx, P. - Presenter, Royal Military Academy

The suitability of the X-ray microtomographic technique to study the dynamics of vapour adsorption on carbon beds was assessed in this work. This technique was tested using three different systems: CH3I, water vapour and a mixture of water- and organic vapour. Image analysis of the carbon bed cross-sections obtained by X-ray microtomography allows determining the adsorption front progress in the case of organic vapour and mixture of water and organic vapour whereas the existence of this front was not so obvious in the case of water vapour. The tomographic data show flat profile, i.e. a continuous water uptake with time. Experimental results obtained for organic vapours were interpreted on the basis of the Wheeler-Jonas equation: a good agreement was found between experimental and theoretical breakthrough times.


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