(385a) Numerical Simulation of Liquid Transfer between Particles | AIChE

(385a) Numerical Simulation of Liquid Transfer between Particles


Shi, D. - Presenter, SC Johnson and Son Inc.

Liquid transfer plays a central role in the operation of a variety of particle processing equipment, including flotation, spray coating, flocculation, granulation, and drying. In each of these applications, the local liquid concentration within the bed dramatically affects the flow behavior of the system and can strongly impact performance. In this work, we introduced a dynamic liquid transfer model for use in discrete element modeling (DEM) of heterogeneous particle systems. We explicitly track moisture levels on individual particles and utilize and experimentally validated rule-set for liquid transfer upon forming/breaking contacts. As a test of this new model we present results from the simulation of two model spray-coating systems: a fluidized bed coater and a rotary drum coater.