(321n) Basic Study of Hydrogen Storage in Thf/H2 Clathrate Hydrate | AIChE

(321n) Basic Study of Hydrogen Storage in Thf/H2 Clathrate Hydrate

Environmental measures on a global scale are important for the sustainable growth of the national economy, which requires the development of efficient and eco-friendly energy equipment. Hydrogen is used in a wide range of applications, such as automobiles and small cogeneration systems. Being highly efficient and eco-friendly, they are expected to be extremely effective in environmental preservation. In addition, technologies for such hydrogen are a sector that is expected to grow in a field of technologies that form part of the industrial infrastructure. Hydrogen storage has been recognized as one of the key technologies to progress the PEFCs sector toward a hydrogen-based economy. The requirements for future hydrogen storage system are high density, high efficiency, low emissions and low cost. THF/H2 clathrate hydrate storage system fulfills there requirements. The aim of this study is to investigate the storage behavior of hydrogen into tetrahydrofuran Clathrate hydrate. In this study, a number of experiments were carried out at a hydrogen pressure from 0 to 10 MPa, a temperature from 243 to 273 K using 5.56 mol% THF hydrate. And Raman spectroscopy measurements were also carried out to determine storage behavior. The storage capacity of hydrogen increased with increasing hydrogen pressure, and approached 0.4 weight % under this condition.