(320ad) Co2 Adsorption Utilizing Porous Microfibrous Media Entrapped Liquid K2co3 as an Apparent Solid

Sathitsuksanoh, N. - Presenter, Auburn University

The present work demonstrates the use of microfibrous media to remove carbon dioxide from reformate stream. The CO2 removal process is needed prior to entering the PEMFCs since CO2 is a reactant of many side reactions, such as reverse water-gas shift and COS formation. The nano-dispersed nature of K2CO3 combined with the use of small support particulates promotes high K2CO3 utilization, high contacting efficiency, and high accessibility of K2CO3. The use of microfibrous entrapped sorbents provides reduced external mass transfer resistance, enhanced adsorption rates, and lower amounts of heat required for regeneration. This novel adsorbent allows reduction in overall system weight and volume for continuous removal of trace CO2 from gas streams with high levels of relative humidity, namely a fuel processor stream.