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(292h) Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering Programs


Heineken, F. G. - Presenter, National Science Foundation

The Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport (CBET) Systems Division supports innovative studies in biotechnology, biochemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and research to aid persons with disabilities. This includes expanding the knowledge base of bioengineering at scales ranging from proteins and cells to organ systems, including mathematical models, devices and instrumentation systems. Current interest areas include tissue engineering and the development of biological substitutes; biosensors, i.e., devices that use a biological component; food processing, especially with respect to food safety; and metabolic engineering, including the application of systems analysis tools to understand metabolic transport. The Division programs also apply engineering principles to the understanding of living systems, development of new and improved devices, and products for human health care. Emphasis is placed on engineering research that contributes to better and more efficient health care delivery.