(211f) Particle Impregnated Membranes for Bioseparations

Herigstad, M. O. - Presenter, North Carolina State University
Gurgel, P. V. - Presenter, North Carolina State University

Interstitial pore radii of packed bed columns can preclude chromatographic separations in complex feeds, such as whole blood, resulting in high pressure drops and poor separation efficiency. An interesting alternative which circumvents these limitations is the use of a membrane support for the chromatographic media. In this study, a mixed-matrix-membrane technology is investigated which involves entrapping chromatographic resin beads between layers of a nonwoven membrane. The membrane-supported resin offers the advantage of increased interstitial porosity while maintaining suitable flow properties. We describe the flow characteristics of high viscosity fluids in the mixed-matrix membranes. Stacks of these membranes were characterized in both their flow and protein binding capacities.