Biomedical Applications of Systems Biology

Jayaraman, A., Texas A&M University
Kaznessis, Y., University of Minnesota

Systems biology, which stands at the nexus of biological and computational sciences and engineering, offers the promise of systematically studying biological systems, not only in a descriptive manner but also with predictive ability. The comprehensive classification and comparison of biomolecular sequences, structures and functions can guide the development of statistical methods and computational predictive tools and experimental approaches that will provide new insights and opportunities to improve human condition. Experimental methods that enable systematic exploration of living organisms are resulting to the rapid transformation of biology to a data-driven science. This necessitates the development of mathematical/computational modeling and data mining algorithms and that will enable scientists and engineers to seamlessly harness biological information and extract knowledge to guide the development of therapeutic and biotechnology solutions. We are inviting presentations on both experimental and theoretical aspects of systems biology research. Of specific interest are presentations that combine both approaches to generate a comprehensive picture of biological problems.



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