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(86f) Three round Table Discussions on the Smart Plant Focusing on (1) Plant Operations (2) Plant Security (3) the Environment. Participants Receive a Free Summary Report. a Preliminary List of Participants Follows. Walk-Ins Are Encouraged to Participate

Humphrey, J. L., J. L. Humphrey & Associates
Davis, J. F., University of California - Los Angeles
Stenerson, G. K., ExxonMobil Chemical
Frangiamore, S., Shell Chemical LP
Srinivasan, A., Bayer Polymers
Aldredge, T., Eastman Chemicals
Gipson, Jr., J. N., The Dow Chemical Company
Mills, D., Procter & Gamble
Schnelle, K., Dow AgroSciences LLC
Megan, L., Praxair
Herrmann, J. G., US Environmental Protection Agency
Pons, M., CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network
Gilkey, G., Fluor Corporation
Sopnel, N., Shell
Parthasarathy, G., Solutia, Inc.
Reever, F., IBM
Dawson, P., Procter & Gamble
Brady, J., Conoco Phillips
King, S., U. S. Department of Homeland Security
Bagajewicz, M. J., The University of Oklahoma
Huynh, S., IBM
Bryan, P., Chevron Energy Technology Company
Oppelt, T., US Environmental Protection Agency
Whitley, T., Shell Oil
Holt, E., Strix Systems
Rozinski, D., Rohm and Haas Company
Crocker, M., Michael Crocker, CPP & Associates, Inc.
Norman, T., Michael Crocker, CPP & Associates, Inc.
Bosch, S., Shell Global Solutions International

Three round table discussions will be held simultaneously on the topics (1) "The Smart Plant and Plant Operations" (2) "The Smart Plant and the Environment' and (3) "The Smart Plant and Plant Security". All interested parties are invited to participate. A summary of the findings from all round table discussions will be emailed to participants following the meeting.