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(37m) Polymath 6.0 - a Significant New Release


Shacham, M. - Presenter, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

POLYMATH 6.0 Educational is a proven computational system that supports advanced problem solving in chemical engineering. Low-cost site licenses are provided through the CACHE Corporation for academic departments. These enable use in computer labs and distribution of individual copies to all student, faculty, and staff. Individual use educational and professional versions are also available.

The various POLYMATH programs allow the user to apply effective numerical analysis techniques during interactive problem solving on personal computers. Results are presented graphically for easy understanding and for incorporation into papers and reports. POLYMATH has a minimal learning curve and provides extensive error checking during problem entry that leads to great efficiency in problem solution.

Version 6.0 software has been completely revised. Capabilities now include a new color-coded full-screen editor, enhanced graphics, and greatly improved on-line content-sensitive HELP. The Educational student version capabilities include: Linear Equations (up to 264), Nonlinear Equations (up to 15 nonlinear equations and 35 explicit algebraic equations), Differential Equations (up to 25 differential equations and 35 explicit algebraic equations), Data Analysis and Regression (up to 201 data points).

Also provided is the new and UNIQUE capability to automatically export any POLYMATH problem to Excel with a single keypress. Thus problems can be solved completely in Polymath or exported to Excel for solution. A POLYMATH ODE_Solver Add-In is included for solving ordinary differential equations in Excel. Automatic export to Excel includes all intrinsic functions and logical variables. Ordered equations can also be provided to assist with optional Matlab solutions of POLYMATH problems.

Assorted chemical engineering problems that are solved with Polymath, Matlab, and Excel are available from: