(376c) Reactive Surface Micropatterning by Wet Stamping | AIChE

(376c) Reactive Surface Micropatterning by Wet Stamping


Campbell, C. J. - Presenter, Northwestern University
Smoukov, S. K., North Carolina State University
Bishop, K. J., Northwestern University
Grzybowski, B. A., Northwestern University

Hydrogel stamps are used to reactively micropattern various types of substrates. The method, called reactive wet stamping (r-WETS), is general in nature and allows for the patterning of chemicals that react with a solid surface to render it either hydrophobic or hydrophilic, or the deposition of silane or thiol monolayers with either hydrophobic or hydrophilic moieties. Applications of this method will be described, including deposition of metallic microstructures, preparation of supports for electrostatic self-assembly, and multistep reactive patterning.