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(187i) High-Throughput Screening of Mechanical Properties in Polymers


Sormana, J. - Presenter, Georgia Institute of Technology

techniques (CT) have gained traction in both academia and industry as a viable
alternative in polymer research.  Briefly, CT allow exploration of large
variable spaces by performing experiments involving several distinct combinations
of parameters.  Numerous methods have been developed for preparing polymeric gradient
(continuous) and discrete libraries that permit such multi-parameter approach. 
The main challenge in CT, however, lies in the efficient characterization of
the libraries to obtain useful information, for instance, structure-property
relationships.  In polymer synthesis, developing and understanding structure-mechanical
property relationships is vital

The mechanical
properties of polymeric materials are particularly sensitive to changes in
chemistry and microstructure, and are crucial in determining their potential
applications.  We have recently developed an apparatus (HTMECH) for
high-throughput screening of mechanical properties in two-dimensional polymer film
libraries.  This instrument is capable of operating at different strain rates
and under different environmental conditions (temperature and humidity).  In
this presentation, we will present results that demonstrate the ability of this
device to screen a broad range of homopolymers (glass, semi-crystalline,
thermoplastic), polymer/silicate nanocomposites and interpenetrating networks. 
Deformation profiles from HTMECH are modeled using axi-symmetric membrane
deformation mechanics.