(145e) A "Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering" Track | AIChE

(145e) A "Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering" Track


Tsang, T. - Presenter, University of Kentucky
Anderson, K. W., University of Kentucky
Jay, M., University of Kentucky

The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Kentucky, in collaboration with the College of Pharmacy, is going to offer a new "Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering" track as part of our chemical engineering undergraduate program. The goal of this new track is to diversify the knowledge base and the marketability of our chemical engineering graduates. The uniqueness of the track is as follows: (1) it maintains the chemical engineering intellectual core courses, (2) it requires Physiology, Phramceutics and Biopharmaceutics, and Parenteral Devices and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), (3) it requires Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and (4) two chemical engineering elective courses in bio-related areas, such as Drug Delivery Methods and Systems, Biomedical Micro and Nanotechnology, to name just a few. It is worth mentioning that students will have hands-on experience in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in one of the two FDA-registered university facilities in the United States.