Young Professionals Apprentice Program

The apprenticeship program is an opportunity for young professionals to develop leadership skills in the context of their careers as chemical engineers and members of AIChE. Apprentices join the program for three years and are encouraged and empowered to create or contribute to large projects related to chemical engineering and the world around them.

The Program

Apprentices will:

  • Create or Select a project of importance to them and the chemical engineering discipline.
  • Participate actively in an AIChE committee, division/forum or local section.
  • Execute or Contribute to that project in substantial ways over a period of three years.
  • Choose a Coach or Advisor within the Institute and work with them to develop the Apprentice's career professionally, socially, and philanthropically. (Optional)
  • Meet up with other Apprentices locally or at conferences.
  • Write about their experiences as an Apprentice on ChEnected as blog posts, video interviews, and newsletters.
  • Receive subsidized membership during their three years in the program if they fulfill all program requirements. Membership is fully subsidized during the first two years and just $50 in the third year (75% subsidy).

Potential Projects

  • Design experiments and best practices documents for K-12 outreach.
  • Work on service projects in the developing world or in your community. Partner with other groups, like Engineers Without Borders and Society of Women Engineers who may be working on projects in your area.
  • Advocacy/Policy work related to chemical engineering.
  • Research better methods of teaching engineering in schools and among young professionals.
  • Join an AIChE committee, division, forum or local section, and actively participate.
  • Your own idea or passion.


Apprentices will be selected by:

  • Self-nomination or nomination by a peer.
  • The quality of the nomination form and demonstration of motivation to participate actively in the Program. 
  • We are currently not accepting new nominations for this program.  


The program consists of regular check points to help guide the Apprentices during their three year term. Apprentices are invited to join at any time and will be accepted to the program on a quarterly basis.


For more information about the program, please email Monica Stowe (