MRC13 (2021)


March 17 & 18, 2021

2021 AIChE Midwest Regional Virtual Conference

Organized by Chicago Local Section of AIChE

MRC organizing committee is planning next year's conference with the following areas of interest. Invitations and call for contributions will follow soon. For submission questions please contact the Programming Chair (Hakim Iddir) at For volunteer opportunities please contact the Conference Chair (Bob Tsai) at Assistance is needed with programming, sponsorship, educational outreach, and more so please consider helping your technical community

Programming Areas

Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Nano-Engineering

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering

Energy and Sustainability

Fluid Properties, Fluid Dynamics and Transport Phenomena

Environmental Compliance and Remediation

Process Engineering, Modeling, Control and Optimization

Process Safety and Occupational Health

Refining and Petrochemical Processing