Criteria for Election to Fellow

The AIChE Constitution and Bylaws establish the criteria for election to Fellow:

A nominee for election as Fellow shall have been in chemical engineering practice for an adequate period of time to demonstrate long-term excellence, normally 25 years, shall have been an AIChE member for at least ten years (exclusive of student membership), and is a Senior Member at the time of election.

Election as Fellow shall be in recognition of “service to the profession” and “significant professional accomplishment.” Contribution in one of these areas shall be outstanding, and some contribution in both areas is necessary.

  1. “Service to the profession” means efforts done for reasons other than financial compensation for AIChE, other technical societies, or other not-for-profit entities whose efforts benefit chemical engineers or the advancement of the engineering profession.
  2. “Significant professional accomplishments” shall be based on success in process, product, or theoretical developments, project leadership, managerial achievement, the educating of engineers, or other activities related to chemical engineering.

A Senior Member in good standing who has satisfied the Fellow Bylaw requirements may be nominated for consideration to be elected Fellow.

The Nominator must be an AIChE member in good standing.

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