SIOC/Fellows Program for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Update

Posted by Monica Mellinger on

AIChE has initiated a major effort in EDI for inclusion and intentional representation of people from diverse backgrounds in Chemical Engineering (See the AIChE EDI statement). A working group (WG) from SIOC and the Fellows Council (FC) was established to lead activities, events, and communications to AIChE members, especially to engage Fellows with their stature, experience, and wisdom. The WG was responsible for the design and implementation of the Fellows Gathering Breakout Groups held August 18, 2020.

     The last meeting of the WG was September 28.  This meeting was to report on the Breakout Groups and to summarize considerations for submission to the EDI Task Force (see below). The WG concurred that:

•  multiple divisions and committees will and should engage in EDI activities. 

•  representatives from the diverse SIOC Committees must be on the Task Force.

•  the Task Force should have action components.

•  the Task Force should consider determining the actual demographics of the Institute as well as members’ opinions to assess the Institute’s current cultural/social climate.

•  EDI is social justice, which is infrastructure that AIChE’s functions are built upon. 

•  the Task Force should establish goals and develop rubrics to assess its progress.