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Sustainability and CO2

I have been researching (and disproving) the co2 emissions (greenhouse gas) global warming theory in many discussions in the SPE technical sections in the last several years, starting in the Carbon Capture, Usage, and Sequestration (CCUS) group.  Our company develops the most complex simulation models on earth, infinitely more robust than any so-called 'climate model' (no such competent models exist).

The idea that any transition to alternative energy sources, or that a 'net-zero' co2 emissions target is needed or desirable is economic and ecological suicide. Increased co2 does not cause global warming! All atmospheric gases insulate the planet from daily temperature extremes. Yes, increasing the concentration of a gas that absorbs infrared (ir) energy causes slight warming at night (as first postulated by Tyndall), but it causes cooling during the day to a much greater extent because the radiation is so much stronger. All gases absorb solar radiation and insulate the planet (they do not warm it). And co2 does not absorb any significant ir wrt water, which is obvious from the stated sample concentrations given for their ir spectra at NIST The water vapor ir spectra is given at without giving the sample concentration (in binary mixtures with nitrogen), which can't be any greater than water vapor composition at lab conditions, around 2%. The co2 curve is given at at a stated composition of "200 mmHg DILUTED TO A TOTAL PRESSURE OF 600 mmHg WITH N2"., or 33.33% co2, when the actual atmospheric concentration is about 0.04%! The co2 curve obviously must be scaled down by a factor of about 800 before comparing to water, which all references on atmospheric IR absorption ignore.  An example is shown at Fleagle, R.G., and J.A. Businger, 1980: An introduction to Atmospheric Physics. Academic Press, San Diego. (ISBN 0-12-260355-9), p 232  IR curves absorption curves that are not properly adjusted for actual atmospheric concentrations have been used here and similarly by all 'atmospheric' and 'climate' scientists to fool the world into believing that co2 or ch4 absorb any significant IR energy (and even if they did they would not cause warming!). The 'greenhouse gas' global warming theory is false and totally incompetent and is destroying our industry, our economies, and the environment. Increasing co2 concentration is the key to sustainability by greatly increasing the rates of food and o2 production and natural cooling through endothermic photosynthesis. Before it was renamed by climate alarmists, the 'greenhouse effect' was defined as the warming in an enclosed structure exposed to solar radiation due to elimination of convection, which is not related to gas composition (except in determining the total heat capacity - all ideal gases of the same number of atoms have the same molar heat capacity).  All decarbonization efforts and goals represent a waste of time and money and incompetence and are an embarrassment to science and engineering.  There is no justification for use of alternative energy sources unless they are cheaper, and there is no economical or practical alternative to petroleum that can even come close to supplying the needs of the modern world.  Oil and gas prices are currently at their historic low, when real inflation rates are considered, indicating that energy production from petroleum is indefinitely sustainable.  The worst environmental problem related to the oil industry is plastic. The real problems and solutions are exactly what competent ecologists were saying 10-50 years ago and are given at

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