Is a Nontraditional ChemE Career for You?

Posted by Mohammed Alyanbaawi on
The rapid growth of technology, globalization, the changing demographics of the workforce — all of these factors have eliminated the former notion of a linear career path. Modern-day employment requires workers to be adaptable to any and every change that may come their way. Chemical...Read more

Graduate Student Research Spotlight

Posted by Monica Mellinger on
Are you a graduate student who recently published research? Are you interested in sharing that research with over 10,000 readers in the chemical engineering community? If so, ChEnected , AIChE's blog, wants to feature you and your research through a new online series, the Spotlight on Graduate...Read more

YPC Vice Chair Nomination

Posted by Mohammed Alyanbaawi on
If you are interested in running for Vice Chair please complete the application form (located at bottom of this page) and send it along with a picture to . Nominations must be received by 5pm EST on Friday, August 7, 2015 in order to be considered. Elections will be held...Read more