The Untapped Potential of Professional Societies

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by Chris Lowe , Graduate Research Fellow, Rutgers University, AIChE YP Committee Almost all graduate students and post-docs are members of professional societies. Why? The member rate for conference registration is offered at a deep discount and when students must travel to present their work on...Read more

Tap into AIChE Academy for Ongoing Education and Training

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Whether you’re just beginning your career or need to add or burnish a skill at a later point, AIChE Academy can help. From process safety to fundamentals, biomanufacturing to solids handling, AIChE Academy offers courses, presentations, and videos to help you learn. The materials offered through...Read more

Build Your Emotional Intelligence for Career and Life Success

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By Seif Bello, Operations Engineer, ONEOK Emotional intelligence is an important skill that can help you achieve success in your professional career and personal life. Studies have shown that over 80% of people with high emotional intelligence are high performers (1). Despite its importance, it is...Read more

Set Yourself Apart with Volunteer Leadership

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By: Chris Lowe , Graduate Research Fellow, Rutgers University, AIChE Young Professionals Committee Advisor The formal training to become a doctoral level scientist or engineer takes the better part of a decade, if not more, counting bachelors, doctoral, and sometimes post-doctoral studies. In that...Read more

Catch ChEnected’s Interviews with Spring Conference Speakers

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If you missed the 2018 AIChE Spring Conference and 14th Global Congress on Process Safety – or were there but couldn’t attend all the sessions you wanted to – there’s good news! ChEnected is now featuring interviews with keynote and session speakers from the event. Chemours’s Foundation for Success...Read more

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Your Field with AIChE Divisions

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In the fast evolving chemical engineering profession, AIChE’s divisions can help you stay current in your specialty. Beyond just technical information, divisions give you opportunities for affiliation with top engineers in both general disciplines and emerging fields such as biotechnology and...Read more

AIChE Academy Helps ChemEs Learn

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If you’ve recently been assigned to a new project, need a quick refresher on a simple question, or need to keep your team up-to-date, turn to AIChE Academy . From process safety to fundamentals, biomanufacturing to solids handling, AIChE Academy delivers courses, presentations, training sessions,...Read more

Volunteer Opportunities for Young Professionals

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Volunteers are integral to any professional organization’s success. When you volunteer with AIChE, not only do you contribute to the Institute,you gain leadership skills and have many opportunities to meet other chemical engineering professionals who are excited about getting involved, growing...Read more

AIChE Journal Keeps You Current with Technological Advances

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Article Written By: Loraine Kasprzak Each month, the AIChE Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on the most important and latest technological advances in core areas of chemical engineering and other relevant engineering disciplines. This month’s open access article, “Modeling the Deposition of...Read more

Making the Most of Your Conference Experience

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By Chris Lowe , Graduate Research Fellow, Rutgers University Conferences are a rite of passage for graduate students and post-docs. Crammed into just a few short days are endless sessions of technical talks, poster presentations, mixers, and all the standard hustle and bustle of a scientific...Read more

Featured YP Local Section: East Tennessee Gets into the Rhythm

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Article Written By: Loraine Kasprzak AIChE’s East Tennessee YP Group knows how to kick it up and get social. We got the inside story on what the 45-member group does to promote connections and engagement from AIChE’s YP coordinator Erin Ekart, who is a ChemE at Eastman Chemical Company. High energy...Read more

Local Sections: the Grown Up Student Chapter

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Article Written by: Owen Jappen Most undergrads who were active with their AIChE student chapters look back on their time with friends and peers with fondness and longing. Many wonder to themselves – “If only there was a way to recreate those relationships with other chemical engineers, at work and...Read more

Meet Donna Bryant, YPC Vice Chair 2018-2019

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Hi everyone! My name is Donna Bryant and I am the incoming Vice Chair for the YPC. Thank you all for your support and votes to elect me to this position! I am excited to help lead the YPC in the upcoming years with Colin Young and Jon Haughton in making the YPC a great place to meet other young...Read more

Featured YP Group - Chicago Local Section

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There are 10 local sections within AIChE that have formal YP (Young Professional) groups. These YP groups are formed under an AIChE local section, and have specific activities for young professional members as well as leadership and volunteer opportunities for YP members. These organizations allow...Read more

Member Benefit Spotlight-AIChE Academy

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AIChE Academy AIChE Academy is the consolidated learning portal accessible to all AIChE members to continue their education and boost their professional knowledge in all areas of chemical engineering. Many members may be overwhelmed by the 88 page catalog, or feel unsure about how to find the...Read more