Applications are possible in the first quarter of 2022; Stay tuned.

Get involved!  

Serving on the ESC offers you the opportunity to get further involved with AIChE outside of your chapter, to grow and improve your leadership skills, and to collaborate and build relationships with other professional and undergraduate AIChE volunteers. Being part of the ESC is a one-year commitment – see links below for the corresponding applications.  

What constitutes the ESC? 

ESC is comprised of an Executive Committee and eighteen subcommittees. There are regional subcommittees, and non-regional subcommittees. The regional committees consist of a Regional Chair and Regional Liaisons. The main job of the Regional Liaisons is to communicate with student chapters who belong in that region to relay news and information. They also communicate any concerns the student chapter has to the Regional Chair. The Regional Chair supports the Regional Liaisons in their tasks, and works with the National Director. More information about the Regional Committees can be found here.  

The four Non-Regional Subcommittees are:  

The Non-Regional Subcommittees work to support these various programs mentioned above. More information about these subcommittees can be found using the links above!  

Apply here:  

The links to the applications are list below. You are also encouraged to apply for multiple positions!  

If you have any questions about this great opportunity for student chapter members, please feel free to reach out to the chairperson