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Taku Fujiwara

Kochi University

Dr. Fujiwara is currently a Professor at Kochi University, Japan. He received a Diploma and Master Degree from Kyoto University, Japan, both in Sanitary Engineering. He received his Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from Kyoto University in 1999. He teaches river basin management, water quality analysis and control, environment management in rural areas, among others. His research interests include (a) removal of micro-contaminants in wastewaters using functional materials, (b) nitrous oxide emission from wastewater treatment systems, (c) development of energy saving wastewater treatment systems, (d) diffuse pollution control in agricultural areas, (e) cascading material-cycle systems for producing values from wastes and wastewater. 

Dr. Fujiwara is the author or co-author of 95 refereed journal publications including 39 Japanese publications. He has been a director of Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE) since 2013, which jointly established International Water Association (IWA) Japan National Committee (IWA-JNC) with the Japan Water Works Association. He was a chair of 9th IWA International Symposium on Waste Management Problems in Agro-Industries (AGRO’2014), and served as a vice-chair of 10TH IWA SYMPOSIUM ON WASTE MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS IN AGRO-INDUSTRIES (AGRO’2019) held in Rhodos, Greece, 19-21 June, 2019. He is also a chair of research committee for water reclamation and material-cycle in agro-industries, JSWE. 

Dr. Fujiwara received several awards including the Best Paper Award for Young Researchers by Japan Sewage Works Association (2009), JSWE-IDEA International Activity Award by JSWE (2014), Distinguished Researcher Award by Kochi University (2015), JSWE Technology Award by JSWE (2016), and Reviewers Award for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) (2014, 2017). 

He is a member of Editorial board of Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management since 2015, and a section editor of Resource Recovery, Environnmetal Quality Management, since 2020. He is an advisory board member of International Conference on the "Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering".