Process Operations Award

This award recognizes individuals or teams working in plant operations, process control and/or supply chain management that have significantly improved the safety, reliability or economics of process operations. Eligible nominees should be from industry or from a government laboratory or another nonacademic entity.

Examples of the types of contributions to be recognized include:

  • Developing an innovative scheme for process automation
  • Implementing a comprehensive system for operations management
  • Achieving challenging goals for safety and reliability
  • Executing a comprehensive program for total quality management
  • Meeting challenging environmental requirements
  • Achieving large-scale, integrated management of plants and supply chains
  • Creating design methodologies or simulation software for process improvement.

Nominations: General award provisions, a description of the nomination packet, and a link to the nomination platform can be found at

February 15, 2018
Award Administrator(s): 

A plaque.

Presented at the Honors Ceremony of the AIChE Annual Meeting.

Selection of the winner will be based on three key criteria:

  • Impact of the contribution – has it made a difference in the market place and global community?
  • Magnitude of the challenges that were overcome – what was the degree of difficulty?
  • Innovation and technical creativity – what is the intellectual content?

Award Winners

Stephen Kiorpes
Bristol-Myers Squibb