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Review: Hydrogen Tank Explosion in Gangneung, South Korea

A devastating hydrogen tank explosion occurred in Gangneung, South Korea on May of 2019. Two men died and several buildings including even for more than 100 meters away, have been seriously damaged. The cause of the explosion has been found that oxygen is permeated into the hydrogen storage tank. It was a P2G testing site and a hydrogen is produced by the water electrolysis where (3) hydrogen storage steel tanks of 40,000 liter (ID: 2,450 mm, H: 7,668 mm) with operating pressure of 1 MPa. The equivalent TNT is estimated to be of about 50 Kg based on the damage near by. There was no secondary fire and the damage is merely by the detonation pressure. Within 15 meter distance from the hydrogen tank, the structure beam of the building has been damaged and most of the windows of the 5 story building which is about 100 meter away and faced to the hydrogen tank, are all crushed. The origin of the ignition inside of the hydrogen tank has not been proved. The details of accident will be presented.


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