MMAIChE and Their Winning Brew

. by Monica Mellinger

The AIChE Beer Brewing Competition is not only fun, but it has also proven a good way to energize local sections. It's also a way to help improve the next craft brew.

Beshouri Receives AIChE's Award for Government and Industry Leaders

. by Gordon Ellis

Sharon Beshouri, President of Shell Global Solutions (U.S.), Inc., has received the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (AIChE) Government and Industry Leaders (AGILE) Award. She set the stage for the conference with her welcome keynote lecture entitled “Embracing Transitions Today: Assuring a Robust Future Tomorrow.”

AIChE’s 2013 Awards Gala

. by Douglas B. Clark

This year's AIChE’s 2013 Awards Gala was held yesterday evening at The Plaza in New York City, with the theme of "Recognizing Excellence in Engineering Ethics.”

Corning Wins Corporate Innovation Award

. by Douglas B. Clark

This year's Corporate Innovation Award winner was Corning Incorporated. In the award lecture, Marc Giroux of Corning addressed the link between chemical engineering and the technology behind innovations in glass and ceramics.

2012 Annual Meeting Venue Awarded Platinum LEED Certification

. by Stephanie Orvoine-Couvrette

The 2012 Annual Meeting has the tagline of “Cleaner Energy, Stronger Economy, Better Living,” but what exactly does that have to do with Pittsburgh? Pittsburgh, previously a booming industrial city, was once described as “hell with the lid off," but since the collapse of its steel industry, Pittsburgh has strived to build a green economy by reducing the city’s energy demands and lowering global warming emissions.

SBE Launches the Daniel I. C. Wang Award

. by ChEnected Guest

The Society for Biological Engineering is happy to announce the launch of the Daniel I. C. Wang Award for excellence in biochemical engineering. This award is to show great appreciation for Professor Wang's contributions in the classroom and beyond. He has helped to make vast progress in biochemical engineering as well as make technological innovations in bioprocessing.

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