Sustainability & Environment

January 2023 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, a look at minimizing oil and gas flaring, tips for re-suspending settled solids in an agitated tank, risk-based methodologies for better asset integrity management, and more.

August 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This month, an up-close look at water supply safety, tips for establishing a resilient supply chain for dangerous goods, how to use modeling software during development to evaluate process uncertainties, and much more.

June 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, check out a special section on sustainability, including new paths towards sustainability for chemical engineering, significant sustainability policy updates, solar power storage news, and much more.

May 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, a look at mega columns and their role in meeting carbon-neutral goals, considerations for keeping your facility safe from hackers, industry and Institute news, and more.

January 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This month, banish 11 problem-solving myths, get tips for properly selecting the right refrigeration system, learn to avoid common errors in hazard analysis and risk assessments (HARA), and much more.

Mike Levy on Waste Plastic

. by Mahfuzul Islam

Mike discusses how experts from industry, government, standards groups, academia, and elsewhere are all coming together to share findings and solutions for reducing and managing plastics waste.

Join the First #AIChEchat on Twitter

. by Sonja Bradfield

Join other chemical engineers on Twitter for a live chat about renewable natural gas on September 15 at 1PM EST by following our handle @CheEnected and the hashtag #AIChEchat. Anyone is welcome to join.

Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

. by Denieka Bean

There are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day, whether you’re looking for a quick day activity, or want to get involved in sustainability and environmental issues long term.

November 2020 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This issue: opportunities to control plastic waste, a look at design and operation considerations for distillation experiments, and much more.

October 2020 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

A special section from the Society for Biological Engineering on microbiome engineering, along with tips for using flow additives, strategies for water management at hydrocarbon processing facilities, and more.

Minal Mistry on Sustainability

. by Maithreyi Thukaram

Current sustainability efforts often focus on a single issue, overlooking the effect on the larger system involved and thus undercutting the ability to achieve true sustainability. Learn about this and related issues that you can expect to learn more about at this year's ICOSSE.

Addressing Waste Plastics

. by Izabela Balicka

The extensive use of plastics and the demand for sustainable practices is driving interest in plastic waste management, remediation, and recycling. 

Earth Day 2020

. by Sonja Bradfield

Celebrate Earth Day 2020 with interviews and resources focused on chemical engineers' efforts to improve the environment. 

April 2020 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This month, a look at dual-dividing-wall columns, steps to improve disaster preparedness, controlling nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater, and much more.

October 2019 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

Get great advice on implementing ISO 50001, check out the special section on industrial biotechnology, delve into Canada's chemical industry, and much more.

Will James on Hydrogen Safety

. by Keith Joseph

As the hydrogen economy grows, so does the need for technical information and know-how about hydrogen safety. Read more about safety advances.

Singapore’s Food for Thought

. by Dejuanah Katz

Food waste is a problem most nations have yet to solve, but Singapore has taken a number of important steps others can learn from to make food waste more sustainable.

Jeff Erikson on Carbon Management

. by Keith Joseph

Jeff Erikson of the Global CCS Institute shares thoughts on top trends in carbon management and discusses goals for the Carbon Management Technology Conference.

May 2019 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This month, a look at chemical engineering in the food industry, along with tips for industrial insulation, dealing with vapor-phase idealities in chemical process simulations, and more.

Sharon Beshouri (left) receives AIChE's 2019 AGILE Award from AIChE President Kimberly Ogden.

Beshouri Receives AIChE's Award for Government and Industry Leaders

. by Gordon Ellis

Sharon Beshouri, President of Shell Global Solutions (U.S.), Inc., has received the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (AIChE) Government and Industry Leaders (AGILE) Award. She set the stage for the conference with her welcome keynote lecture entitled “Embracing Transitions Today: Assuring a Robust Future Tomorrow.”

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